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Special Provisions Concerning Pension Payments in the Agreement Countries

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Last updated date:Sunday, 4 1 2012

1) Pension systems subject to totalization agreement

The following table shows the pension systems of each agreement country.

Please note that this table shows the summary of each system. You can get more specific information from the social security authority of each country.

2) How to totalize coverage periods

To be eligible for the pension benefits under the system of each agreement country, you may need to be covered by the system for a certain length of period. Accordingly, you may not be eligible for benefits even if you contribute to the system because you did not work long enough to satisfy the coverage period requirements.

《Example》 The Japan-Germany Agreement : German Old-Age pension

[Before the Agreement]

Your coverage period under the German system in this chart is 2 years short to meet the requirement of 5 years to be qualified for the old-age pension. You may not be eligible for the benefits under the German system.

However, the totalization agreements between Japan and the other countries enable you to totalize your periods of both Japan and the other country to fill the gap for benefits under the system of the agreement country so that you may qualify for benefits.

[Under the Agreement]

Your coverage period under the German system in this chart is not long enough to meet the requirement of 5 years to receive the old-age pension. However, your totalized coverage period is 5 years, which will allow you to qualify for the German old-age pension benefits.

The totalization of periods enables you to take into account your coverage period which you earned in Japan, if you do not have enough foreign coverage period alone to be eligible for benefits of the agreement countries. As a result of the totalization, you may qualify for the benefits.

However, your periods of dual coverage will not be counted twice as long. The period of one country will be considered.


The idea of totalization is that your totalized coverage period is taken into account when your eligibility to benefit is determined. The each country will respectively calculate your benefits which are corresponding to your coverage period under each country's system, and will pay you respectively. Please note it is not that the benefit amounts corresponding to your all totalized coverage period will be paid by one of the two countries.

In the same manner, in order for you to satisfy coverage period requirements for disability pension and survivors' pension, you may be able to totalize your Japanese period and the other country's period.

Notes on Individual Rules under each Social Security Agreement











3) Special provision regarding the benefit amounts calculation under agreements

Under the totalization rules, when you meet the eligibility requirement for benefits based on totalized coverage period of both Japan and the other agreement country, your benefit amounts of the agreement country will be calculated in proportion to your coverage period under the system of the agreement country, and paid to you.

Please note that your coverage period of Japan will be a factor only in the following benefits calculation.

Calculation of Belgian benefits / Calculation of French benefits / 
Calculation of Australian benefits / Calculation of Czech benefits / 
Calculation of Spanish benefits
 / Calculation of Brazil benefits

4) Benefits payable to abload

For further infomation about benefits payable to abload,please see below.





5) Pension systems of each agreement country

For more specific information about pension systems of 
each agreement country or treatments under each agreement, 
visit each website of the social security authority in the country.

Application Procedures for Pension Benefits of the Agreement Countries